4th International Conference on Technical and Physical Problems of Power Engineering

4 сентября 2008 г. — 6 сентября 2008 г., срок заявок: 4 сентября 2008 г., Румыния, Питести

Организаторы: University of Pitesti (Pitesti, Romania), www.upit.ro, Gazi University (Ankara, Republic of Turkey), www.gazi.edu.tr, Seraj Higher Education Institute in associations with Taba Elm International Institute (Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran), www.seraj.ac.ir, Azarbaijan University of Tarbiat Moallem, Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan), www.elm.az/physics
Контактная информация: 4th International Conference TPE-2008, Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Computers, University of Pitesti, Pitesti, Republic of Romania, E-mail: ionis@upit.ro, stancosty@gmail.com, url: www.upit.ro
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The Forth International Conference on "Technical and Physical Problems of Power Engineering", (TPE-2008) will be held on 4-6 September 2008 in University of Pitesti (Pitesti, Romania). These who are cooperating in the organizing of the conference TPE-2008 Gazi University (Ankara, Republic of Turkey), Seraj Higher Education Institute (Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran) and Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan).

Aims of the conference to provide a forum for power engineering and technology engineers and scientists in universities and industries to present their works for the following purposes:

Scientific cooperation between national and international scientists and researchers in the conference subjects

Introducing scientific potentials and continuing periodic conference in regional countries

Analyzing technical and physical problems in designing, planning and operation of power engineering components and systems

Providing scientific and industrial requirements in power engineering

Conference Topics:

Complex Problems of Power Engineering
Electric Power Engineering, Machines And Drives
Electric Power Systems Operation, Control and Management
Electrophysics and Electrical Materials
Environmental Problems of Power Engineering
High Voltage Engineering
Power Electronics
Power Plants Engıneering
Renewable Energy Sources

Submission of Papers:

The authors are kindly requested to send their Full Papers in English. The papers must be sent only via Online Conference Management System written in Microsoft Word based DOC form file until March 31, 2008. Please visit TPE Conference website www.ictpe.com for any information and subscription.

The papers should be arranged in a way to include identifiable information as follows:

full title of the paper
name and affiliation of the authors
related paper topic
corresponding author (name, postal, e-mail and website addresses, telephone & fax numbers)
abstract (not exceeding 50 words)
body of the text

The accepted authors will be notified only by E-mail until May 31, 2008. The first name author's e-mail will be used for all correspondences unless otherwise requested. All accepted papers for presentation at the conference will appear in the proceedings and CD of the conference. The official language of the conference is English.


Submission of full paper March 31, 2008     (by Online Conference Management System)

Notification of acceptance           May 31, 2008        (by E-mail)

Camera ready paper due         June 30, 2008

The Information for Authors is available at the TPE-2008 web-site. The submission of your contribution has to be done via the Online Conference Management System on the web-site.

To submit your contribution, a special web-service related to the conference site will be available soon.

All Submitted papers will be reviewed by at least three reviewers.

Unaccepted authors and any scientists/engineers can be participant of the conference. These participants should inform their interests to the Organizing Committee.


4th International Conference TPE-2008
Department of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Computers
University of Pitesti
Pitesti, Republic of Romania
E-mail: ionis@upit.ro , stancosty@gmail.com
URL: www.upit.ro

4th International Conference TPE-2008
Electrical and Electronics Department
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Gazi University
06570, Maltepe, Ankara, Republic of Turkey
Tel.: (+90 312) 2311340 , 2317400 (ext. 2331 or 2315)
Fax: (+90 312) 2308434
E-mail: taplam@gazi.edu.tr
URL: www.mmf.gazi.edu.tr/elektrik

4th International Conference TPE-2008
Electrical Engineering Department
Faculty of Engineering
Seraj Higher Education Institute
Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran
E-mail: n.m.tabatabaei@gmail.com , ictpe0@gmail.com
URL: www.seraj.ac.ir

4th International Conference TPE-2008
H. Javid pr., 33 Institute of Physics Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
AZ  1143, Baku - 143, Republic of Azerbaijan
Tel.: (+ 99 412) 4393263, 4394161
Fax: (+ 99 412) 4470456
E-mail: arif@physics.ab.az , rauf@physics.ab.az , joph@physics.ab.az
URL: www.elm.az/physics

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