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14 июня 2009 г. — 14 июня 2009 г., срок заявок: 14 июня 2009 г.

2nd International Workshop on Multiple Access Communications

Германия, Дрезден

Язык информации: Русский

Claude Shannon established the foundation for the discipline now known as «multi-user information theory» in his pioneering paper «Two-way Communication Channels» in 1961 and later Norman Abramson published his paper «The Aloha System - Another Alternative for Computer Communications» in 1970 which introduced the concept of multiple access using a shared common channel. Thereafter for more than 40 years of study, numerous elegant theories and algorithms have been developed for multiple access techniques.

In recent years, broadband wireless data networks (for instance, IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.16 WiMAX) are driving the development of telecommunication industry and beyond 3G (B3G) wireless systems are expected to provide a variety of multimedia services in a wide range of wireless and mobile environments. To use the scarce bandwidth resource of the wireless channel, it is necessary to design channel access control techniques for a large population of users (potentially hundreds of mobile stations).

The aim of this workshop is to discuss both multi-user communications theory and multiple access techniques and standardization activities in areas related to PHY and MAC layer protocols for contemporary networks and their interactions. We intend to provide the experts from both the academic institutes and industry with an opportunity to present their art-of-the-state results and exchange the ideas on multiple access techniques and related areas.

Workshop topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

multi-user information theory;
multiple access techniques, queuing theory methods and polling systems analysis;
MAC protocols development and analysis;
PHY/MAC cross-layer techniques.  

При обращении к организаторам мероприятия обязательно ссылайтесь на сайт «Конференции.ru» как на источник информации.

Последний день подачи заявки: 14 июня 2009 г. (приём заявок закончен)

Организаторы: Saint-Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation, Russian; Academy of Sciences, Russia; Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Контактная информация: Веб: http://www.csit-spb.ru//macom2009.html

Эл. почта: vinel@ieee.org

Приложения: Подробнее о конференции

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