Symposium «Topical issues of didactics of modern vocational education»

1 декабря 2009 г. — 5 декабря 2009 г., срок заявок: 1 декабря 2009 г., Россия, Тюмень

Организаторы: The Institute of Humanities, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Контактная информация: E-mail: 466360den@mail.ru. Telephone: 8 (3452) 230031, 89220725725
Эл. почта: 466360den@mail.ru

The symposium is supposed to be published by the beginning of the conference

The following topics are considered to be discussed:
1. The history of professional education
2. Different social groups in the sphere of professional education
3. The best pedagogical practices in the sphere of professional education
4. The problems of methodology in professional education
5. Problems and perspectives of professional education
6. Sp.s.: Geological education: modern conditions, problems and perspectives

To participate in the conference is necessary to represent to the organizing committee strictly up to the 1st of Dec., 2009 the following points:
1. An application form with your name and surname, academic degree, position, place of employment, contact phone number, эл. почта, the theme of your report,
2. Theses, which are supposed to be published on the site,
The form of theses:
The title of the thesis
The author (name and surname, academic degree, all contact information;
in the case of two or more authors, the above-mentioned information should be given about every author)
The annotation (the summery of the thesis) shouldn’t consist of more than 200 symbols.
3. The materials of the conference should suit the following requirements:
- Volume – up to 10 pages
- Word processor -6.0/7.0
- Single line spacing
- Typeface – 14 Times NR
- End automatic footnote
- The title of the file – the author’s surname
The structure of the report:
- Introduction (survey of literature)
- The formulation of the main aim/ problem
- The methods of the research
- The results of the research
- The discussion of the results, their comparison to the previous ones
- Conclusion
- The list of literature.

Please send your application forms and materials to the following address: 466360den@mail.ru.

The organizing committee has the right to decline the application forms and materials, which don’t suit to the above-mentioned requirements. The participation is free.

Contact telephone number: 8 (3452) 230031
The manager of the conference: scientific secretary of the conference, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Denis Trushnikov ( mob. tel: 89220725725).

Источник информации: https://konferencii.ru/info/16422